1. Product Overview:
SAFESAVE SJR3-2000 series 220v 15kW ac motor soft starter is the latest soft starter developed by our factory. It expands new functions such as literal display, industrial communication and various protections based on the products of SJR2 series soft starter. This product will be the upgrading and replacement of SJR2 series eventually. It shares the same technical framework with SJR3-3000 series softstarter.
The applicable standards:IEC 60947-2-2:2002
2. Product Features:
1. Complete protection function:
Soft start overheating protection
Inputting phase protection
Output phase deficiency protection
Three phase unbalance protection
Over-current protection during the start
Overload protection during the operation
Low voltage protection for the power supply
Overvoltage protection for the power supply
Short circuit protection for the load
2. Multiple start and stop modes
Current-limit starting mode of start
Voltage slope start
Jump mode of start
Ramp current start
Double closed loop start of voltage current limit
Soft stop
Free cessation
3. Multiple control support
Programmable relay output
Programmable fault relay output
4~20mA DC analog output
Input / output of RS485 communication
3. Model Description:

4. Rated Power:

5. Reference for application fields:

6. Dimensions:

7. Application:

8. Certificate:

9. FAQ
Q: What is RS485 communication port
A: Through the inbuilt RS485 standard interface, the SJR3-2000 series soft starter can connect with PC and PLC and other hosts to conduct serial communication. The command of the host can control running or stop of the soft starter, monitor the running status of the soft starter and modify its functional data. Please refer to RS485 operation instructions for the detailed information of the communication. Remote operation, running command input, running status management, write-once of functional data of several soft starters can be conducted by means of the RS485 communication through computers to implement simplified operation during function codes input.
Q: What's the major functions of RS485 communication port
A: I. Input of stop running command
2. Monitoring of the running status
3. Real-time tracking(tabular display of the running information
4. Read-once, write-once and saving to files of function codes. Please consult our company separately for the communication software. China Soft Starter manufacturers

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