Adjustable decking pedestal is designed with a 200mm diameter support base that will protect membranes and evenly spread the load of the deck. A 126mm height extension collar will allow height build-up for large varying heights but the threaded column allows millimeter adjustments to achieve the perfect height within the given range.

Compatible with all types of decking or floor joists, this fixed-head adjustable decking pedestal allows for height corrections between 22mm to 35mm without using shims. The support head that finishes the make-up of the decking pedestal utilizes a heavy-duty locator bracket to support joists of up to 80mm wide.

Manufactured from mould-resistant, algae-resistant, alkali-resistant, and bitumen-resistant recyclable polypropylene, pedestals can support up to 1000kg compression in a temperature range of -30掳C to 120掳C.Adjustable Pedestal For Decking suppliers

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