Product Introduction
Products use for increase viscosity of the touch surface,roughening the surface of compound material metal,porcelain crow,fiber post,inlay surface.
Product Parameter
Product ParameterDental Sandblasting Sandblaster polishing
Air pressure0.3Mpa-0.4Mpa
Spray Hole桅0.6mm
Connection2 hole/4 hole
Product Packing
1.Sand blasting gun 1 piece
2.Steel needle 1 piece
3.Manual 1 piece
4.Wrench 1 piece
Product feature and application
1.The machine can be disinfected at high temperature and high pressure. The tungsten carbide nozzle with high hardness is of high quality. It is not easy to wear out.
2.Blasting head can rotate to 360掳Dental Sand Blasting Unit

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