If in summer you have had too much fun and now you have the memory in the form of fat, you can remedy it in a simple way
How to lose five kilos in a month in a realistic way and without dying in the attempt
In summer you have had a very, very good time, and now is the time to consider losing weight. Beers, tapas, dinners, drinks and barbecues have not been missing. The problem, reader, is that all that happiness has remained in your body in the form of fat. And although it is a good memory to have these extra kilos on your body that remind you of how well you spent the days of paid freedom, the truth is that they do not feel good at all and you know that you are not comfortable.
That is why the time has come to take action on the matter and get down to work. Losing weight is easy if you do the right thing and at the right time. As we assume that you are not a fan of limiting yourself at lunchtime and that you like to go out and have your drinks, we are going to propose a simple one-month plan to lose weight in a realistic way. Attentive.
How to lose five kilos in a month in a realistic way
Before going on to detail the plan, you should know that since it is only one month long, you have to take it seriously. It is a set of very easy steps that will not only make you lose weight, but will also help you get to know your body more and better and make better food decisions in the future.
These are the five things you should do if you want to lose weight fast:
1) eat these calories
Calories are not everything when it comes to losing weight, but they do matter. You have to know that in the end you lose weight if you burn more calories than you consume. It's that easy.
To lose a kilo of fat you must have a deficit of at least 7,000 calories. So how many calories do you have to eat to lose more than a kilo a week?
Once you know how many calories you usually consume, you have to reduce the total number by 500. That is, if you eat 2,500, put the cap on 2,000 kcal
Once you know how many calories you consume in your day to day (you must count them for a couple of days), you should lower the total number by 500. That is, if you normally eat 2,800 calories, you have to start eating only 2,300. In this way you will lose 0.5 kilos per week. The other half a kilo we will take off with exercise and tricks to speed up the metabolism.
On the days that you do not exercise, you should consume an average of 1,500 calories a maximum per day.
2) Reduce your consumption of fruits and drinks
Fruits are very healthy but they are loaded with sugar, and now it does not suit us. It is best to reduce your intake for at least two weeks. You should also not drink soft drinks, neither in their normal versions nor 'light' or 'zero'. In these seven days you can hydrate with water, teas or coffee.
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3) The foods you should eat
Forget about rice, pasta, bread, cereals ... During this month your diet should be based on a main protein dish (chicken, eggs, fish) with a generous accompaniment of vegetables (salad, broccoli, cabbage, puree, Soup...).
During this month your diet should be based on a main protein dish (chicken, eggs, fish) with vegetables
This winning combination, because in addition to keeping you full of energy throughout the day, it keeps your sugar level stable, thus avoiding cravings, and satisfies you with very few calories.
To give you an idea, a generous salad and two turkey or chicken fillets are just 250 calories.
4) Get 40 minutes of exercise in the morning
These two weeks you will have to make an exception: you have no choice but to move. You will have to do cardiovascular exercise, that is, run, swim, skate, ride a bike ... whatever you want, but it is necessary.
The best thing is to have a coffee in the morning and go out for a run, at least 40 minutes. One trick to burning more fat and calories during training is to do intervals of speed and intensity. That is, you can run at full speed for five minutes and walk for three; and so you intersperse.
These intervals will help you burn more calories in the same training time.
5) Do not eat anything after 9:00 p.m.
The best thing is that you eat five meals a day, so you will avoid having anxiety about eating little and you will not sin with carbohydrates. Between feeds, three or four hours should pass, and thus avoid low blood sugar.
This would be the perfect plan:
• Breakfast: 8 hours.
• Mid-morning: 11 am.
• Lunch: 14 hours.
• Snack: 17 hours.
• Dinner: 20 hours.
You must not eat anything later than 21 hours. Your metabolism slows down as the day goes by, that is why it is important that you do the last meal of the day as soon as possible, as you will have a better chance of burning it completely.
6) No alcohol
The Alcohol is full of empty calories and has tons of sugar. You will have to forget about the wines, vermouths and drinks for a month. Remember that you have already drunk this summer for two months, nothing is going to happen to you either.
The bad thing about alcohol, in addition, is that it whets your appetite, and with three beers you will eat everything they put in front of you
The bad thing about alcohol, moreover, is that it whets your appetite, and with three beers you will eat all the nuts they put in front of you.
If you have any food or commitment, you can have a (one or two) glass of wine.
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