The causes of skin aging can be due to very common situations, which most people ignore or do not directly relate to the appearance of deep wrinkles and blemishes or the aged appearance that the skin usually presents. Knowing these causes can help you avoid them and in the same way avoid some consequences such as skin cancer due to exposure to UV rays.
In order not to see the signs of premature aging of the skin, it is necessary to know the causes, so that you can find ways to fight it. According to scientists, there are many reasons why people's skin ages faster and may appear older.
Causes of aging that you ignore
We must understand that aging is a natural process, and that far from being an aesthetic problem, when it occurs prematurely, it can reveal certain bad habits to which we are exposed and that can, in many cases, cause more serious health problems.
Exposure to UV rays
While we all need the sun for a variety of reasons, there are times that it can promote skin health damage. For those who like to sunbathe, the most advisable method to take care of the damage caused by ultraviolet rays is to use a sunscreen. Science has already confirmed that UV rays can penetrate the skin, and can damage the structure of the skin. This is one of the main causes of aging skin in many women today.
Free radicals
These are also known as reactive oxygen species (ROS), which cause damage to the body and skin. Eating healthy is one of the ways to deal with free radicals, otherwise they cause aging skin and other health problems.
Metalloproteinase enzymes
When these enzymes are activated, it can lead to a decrease in the production of collagen, which is an important protein in the human body. When collagen production is reduced, this can cause the skin to have difficulty healing, as well as cause the skin to appear wrinkled and sagging.
Repeat the same facial expressions
When you constantly repeat the same facial expression, this can lead to fine lines and wrinkles on your face. The reason behind this is that the skin eventually loses elasticity preventing it from returning to its normal state. Although there are gestures that we do with total naturalness, this fact is one of the main causes of facial aging, however you can try facial gymnastics, to tone each muscles.
Sleeping on your side
This has the same effect as constantly wearing the same expression on your face. When the skin is pressed against the pillow while you sleep, for many hours each night, it can decrease the elasticity of your skin.
Smoking is considered one of the most common causes of skin aging. When you smoke regularly, you are inevitably accelerating the aging process for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is that you have repeated very typical smoker facial actions, therefore those marks on the skin prevail over other common expressions. But the worst thing is that the chemicals from the cigarettes are absorbed, which pass into your bloodstream. This leads to constriction of the blood vessels, causing you to have less nutrients and oxygen in the body.
While there are causes of aging skin that we cannot control, there are also extrinsic factors that we can do something to prevent and even treat skin aging.

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