Do you experience that during the day you do not perform enough, that it seems that you do not have enough energy? It is very likely that the consumption of certain foods is robbing your energy.
Foods that may be stealing your energy
As many of us know, food is the fuel that our body needs in order to function properly so it gives us the energy we need to do our daily tasks.
But not many know that there are foods that instead of giving us energy, take it away, producing symptoms such as fatigue or decay, even mood swings, and many of these problems can become chronic over time if we do not pay due care.
Fried foods
Any food, even in the case of vegetables, when they are not cooked properly, produce an increase in fat in the blood and more difficulty in digestion, which generates heaviness. It is highly recommended to avoid this cooking method, better to choose to cook steamed, boiled, baked, among others that are healthier. You can read more information about some tips for cooking vegetables maximizing their nutrients.
The salt
There are not many foods where salt has not been added. Still using it in excess can cause dehydration which will definitely make you feel tired. It is important to know the problems that salt can cause in our body and to know that there are other types of salts that reduce these negative effects, such as the use of sea salt. You can learn more about the use of salt and what type of salt is recommended here.
Coffees and cola drinks
The caffeine in our body acts as a great stimulant to the nervous system. In addition to producing diuretic effects that can cause dehydration, the absorption of iron is reduced, which would be taking away energy and favoring the possible appearance of anemia, especially in vegetarian diets. Consumption should be moderate and always remember that the combination of these foods and drinks can further increase the lack of energy.
Canned food
Foods that are purchased with preservatives usually provide very little nutritional value in addition to containing additives with a large amount of salts, turning out to be negative for our optimal state of energy.
Refined sugars
Foods that contain large amounts of sugar, such as baked goods, in addition to not providing significant nutrients, help reduce calcium and B vitamins. By producing excess glucose, it becomes fat, which is not beneficial for our children. energies.
Sugar increases inflammation and stimulates the excessive growth of yeast in the intestines, you can imagine or remember what happens when you feel completely inflamed and the tiredness or fatigue that this state produces. Read more information about the 5 white poisons you consume every day.
Artificial sweeteners
Saccharin, aspartame or aspartame and other artificial sweeteners tend to have an opposite effect, many times they are associated with the diet, but far from being so, according to studies carried out by the University of Pardue, they found that the high consumption of artificial sweeteners changes the ability to regulate appetite and alter metabolism, which can lead to a vicious cycle between consuming excessively harmful foods and decreasing energy, and then attempting to compensate with more food.
These artificial sweeteners are present as additives in drinks that we consume daily such as sodas, teas, energy drinks and are present in practically any food that we can buy today in stores, therefore regulate their intake or opt for a natural diet it is the most advisable if you want to keep your day full of energy.
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