1. Product Parameter

2. Product Description
KT-208 condenser chiller tube cleaner is specially used for tube cleaning, physical cleaning, high efficiency and safety of condensers, heat exchangers, evaporators and other equipment.
KT-208 condenser chiller tube cleaner is often used in central air-conditioning systems, factories, boilers, and many other industries. Improved customer's facility operation efficiency and saved a lot of costs.
3. Features:
1. Shell is made of 304 brushed sheet, plus plastic spraying process, never rusted.
2. The switch adopts foot pedal design for easy operation.
3. Changer line with leakage protector.
4. The equal length brush, no harm to the tubes.
5. The central spindle can be removed for dried and maintenance after usage.
6. Simple and fast flexible shaft connection.
4. Why clean the central air conditioner锛?br/>More and more spaces are using central air-conditioning around the world.
High-pressure operation has brought about a reduction in equipment operating efficiency & increased costs.
In addition, people are paying more and more attention to the health risks caused by air quality.
Maintenance and cleaning of central air-conditioning systems becomes essential.
1,Are you manufacturer or trade company?
A:We are the manufacturer. All our products are developed by ourselves.
2,How long does it take to deliver?
A:Usually we can ship it within one week after payment.
3,Do you offer warranty and technical support?
A: We offer one year warranty, technical support without limited time.
4,Can we customize the product?
A:Sure, we welcome customize project, we can even develop new products according to your needs.cheap Tube Cleaner

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