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Our Company 
Chengdu Chuangxin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. (CCT) was founded in 2001, which specializes in the manufacture and development of corrugated paper products machinery and provide technical reform &. service and consultation for corrugated cardboard production enterprises for early 20 years.
The 鈥淎utomatic Glue Kitchen System鈥?which independently researched by us filled domestic and overseas vacancy in the field of corrugated paper adhesion control. And we have become the second manufacturer which can achieve automatic control of making glue. Through the technology, it can completely avoid the inaccurate formula, unbalance carrier shearing, instable quality and the big glue consumption which are caused by manual glue making, improve the production corrugator鈥檚 speed and decrease the glue consumption.
In order to meet paper industries鈥?environmental protection requirements, we successfully developed domestic leading 鈥淚nk Wastewater Treatment Machine鈥?which makes the wastewater to meet the requirements of national &. Overseas discharge standard.
Our company adheres to the management ideas of innovation concept, the pursuit of excellence, and sustainable operation. Precision Production and golden service is the quality policy that we never change. We put the "integrity, responsibility, innovation, team" as CCT鈥檚 constant pursuit and goal. We would like to join hands with the masses of friends to make a better future!

Our History 
We are always continuing to improve锛?/strong>
2020, the first automatic glue kitchen machine was produced and obtains the national patent in the key technology;
2003, achieve mass production and sales, successfully exported to South Africa, Ukraine and some overseas countries;
2005, the automatic feeding error adjustment technology was developed
2007, the technique of secondary caustic soda balance and secondary temperature balance were used in the automatic glue kitchen;
2010, no-carrier /carrier compatible machine was bring to market and also achieve good operation;
2011, intelligent glue making machine and printing treatment system have been successfully produced to meet the industry's development demand of high efficiency energy saving and environmental protection;
2014锛宼he CHJ-6000 model glue kitchen has been widely applied in packaging industry, the CW series wastewater treatment system has been recognized and selected by many leading packaging enterprises;
2015, the production line starch wastewater reuse system was developed and realize the complete reuse &.zero discharge;
2016, the CWF wastewater treatment system was put to market &. realized the national first-degree discharge standard.

Our Products 
Automatic Glue kitchen System
CCT automatic glue kitchen system is a fully automatic starch glue mixing system. By utilizing a powerful high-speed blade shearing mixer, together with a programmable control system &. On-line viscometer, it can easily reach qualified homogenous adhesives for corrugator applications.
The corrugator is directly benefited with stable &. consistent glue viscosity and gel temperature, bonding effect, better starch &. steam consumption with excellent waste reduction.

鈼廙ature hardware makes usage more reliable
1.Double blade shearing mixer鈥斺€攎ore delicate shearing, more stable viscosity

2.Siemens S7-200/300 PLC鈥斺€攁utomatic control, avoid disoperation, ensure accurate feeding

3.Siemens On-line viscometer鈥斺€攁utomatic viscosity measurement to ensure stable glue quality

4.Exported pneumatic diaphragm pump鈥斺€攅nsure the glue supply speed &. reduce viscosity change

鈼廇dvanced software allows you to see everything

running picture

using workshop

recipe management
Water-based Ink Printing Wastewater Treatment Machine
How to Deal With Your Printing Wastewater
Arbitrarily Discharge Caused Serious Environment Pollution锛?
Pay a High Costs for Wastewater Treatment?

All Solved by Our Integrated Ink Wastewater Treatment Machine
鈼廝rofessional integration structure design
鈼廍fficient treatment result
鈼廐igh automation level
鈼廍asy to operate with less operation costs
Ink printing wastewater treatment machine is designed to achieve zero discharge of wastewater from the paper box factory. This kind of wastewater has the following features: high concentration, high suspension, bad biochemical quality and so on.
This machine adopts the chemical &. physical treatment method to process the water-based wastewater. A Siemens PLC is used as the main logic control core and is composed of electrical control system with the human-computer interface.
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Ink Wastewater Treatment System

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