The body colorblack
The body materialmetallic iron
Folding size105脳42脳40cm
Development size105脳44脳98cm
Carton size105脳32脳44cm
Height above ground (cm)10cm
Gross weight (kg)13KG
Net amount (kg)12KG
Shock absorptionFront and rear vacuum tyre
Maximum speed (km/h)18KM/H
Cruising distance (km/h)20KM/H
Drive modeRear wheel drive
Braking modeRear wheel hub brake
Maximum height of rise98CM
Steering Angle 60掳
Working temperature-10掳 to 45掳
Drive wayRear wheel motor
Rated power (W)250 w
Rated voltage (V)24 v
Rated current (A)16A
The front wheel size 8 inches
The rear wheel size 8 inches
The battery brand 18650 lithium battery
Battery capacity8AH,10AH.12AH,13AH
Maximum voltage (V)42.2vlow price Scooter

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