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The Name of Product: D alpha tocopheryl acetate
Appearance: Slight brownish to slight yellow, viscous oily liquid
Specification: 1000IU, 1100IU, 1200IU, 1350IU
The stability and biological activity of vitamin e acetate supplement are better than that of d alpha tocopherol. This substance increases the antioxidant activity of cells, which can maintain and promote the body's reproductive function. For women, it has a very good anti-aging effect and is more beneficial to the skin.Secondly, it can improve the metabolic rate in the body. At the same time, vitamin e acetate supplement can effectively prevent atherosclerosis and reduce the blood lipid of the human body.
New Element is dedicated in producing top quality products while keeping competitive prices in the market. Besides, we put lots of emphasis on customer service which make us outstanding among our competitors. In general, the high brand products also with high prices, small workshop product quality but cannot be satisfied.And continuous supply is also easily interrupted, especially in China's current environmental intensified, some non-compliant manufacturers are closed for business. So choose a trusted vitamin E factory is important. Now, Shandong New Element is your choice.
Storage: Store in tightly closed containers, fill with nitrogen, keep in cool and dry. Protect from heat, light and oxygen.Tocopherol manufacturers

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