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Transparent liquid dry slower agent for not blocking the mesh
Cowint is Own R & D, production, 25 years old brand, reliable and stable quality.Focusing on the field of high-end special materials, the quality bench marking is the international first-class standard.
Effectively prevent the plug net.
Product Introduction
Dry slower agent can prevent blocking the net effectively.
Product specification
Product feature
Dry slower agent is not back stick, good coverage, pressure can be folded in half a long time, it is not easy to take a bad.
Product Certificates
鈼?Intertek provides services and solutions to customers in their industries to better meet their needs.
鈼?As experts in our customers' industries, we can provide the most comprehensive quality and safety solutions they need.
鈼?Intertek provides a wide range of services to textiles, toys, footwear, groceries, food and retail.
鈼?As a global partner of retailers, manufacturers and distributors, we can help customers establish, meet and update quality, safety and performance standards for consumer goods.
ZDHC MRSL is a list of chemicals, and is limited by use of things on the list, including used as a raw material production and wet process, maintenance, waste water, sanitation and pest control of solvents, detergents, adhesives, paint, printing ink, detergents, dyes, colorants, additives, coating and chemical finishing agent.
On December 9, 2015, ZDHC certification released an updated version of MRSL with a new chapter on natural leather treatment.
The 2014 MRSL only focuses on textile production, with natural leather treatment and metal trim not covered by the control.
The 2015 edition of MRSL suggests that hazardous substances listed on MRSL that are likely to be used in natural leather processing must also be restricted.
ZDHC's mission is to promote zero emissions of hazardous chemicals in the textile and footwear supply chain.
After sales service
In order to avoid any difference, the user must test according to their own use method and requirements before the product used for production.If you need some other samples for reference, we will arrange available samples for your reference.
The normal transportation is by sea.
鈼?Free samples are available for customers.
鈼?The minimum order should be 1kg
鈼?The best storage temperature is at 5-35 degree Celsius for 6 months. Exposed in direct sunlight or be placed at minus 0 degree Celsius are prohibited.
鈼?For investors, screen printing is absolutely an excellent project. According to insiders, the profit margin of screen printing is generally between 40% and 50%, so the market gap is large.
鈼?On the contrary, surprisingly high profits do not require high investment, screen printing is suitable for both small-scale production and large-scale operation, investment of tens of thousands of yuan can be involved in the operation, there are three or five people can invest in production, investment of several million yuan can also be useful.
鈼?Entrepreneurs can not only make large-scale investment in their own factories, but also buy some equipment and set up small workshops to make second - and third-tier markets.
鈼?At the same time, due to the huge market demand, screen printing technicians also have a huge demand, and many domestic factories are not suitable screen printing workers and headache, for the workers, is undoubtedly a huge opportunity.Wholesale Printing Auxiliary/fixer

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