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You may not know it, but your shampoo likely contains coconut oil, at least in small amounts. Lately, people have come to understand how important natural oils are for hair nutrition. In the last decades or more, the use of coconut oil on hair has been used for its properties to help treat various hair and scalp problems.
Benefits of coconut oil shampoo
Fluffy hair is the result of the indiscriminate use of caustics, shampoos and petroleum-based chemicals. Excessive shampooing often results in hair dryness and hair loss and the total devastation of scalp health.
This is when the use of natural oils began to make their way into shampoos and manufacturers began to use them extensively, as is the case with coconut oil, in shampoo. Leading shampoo manufacturers learned a lesson from the experiences of natural jet-black-haired men and women living in the coastal areas of India and neighboring countries who had been using coconut oil on their hair since childhood.
Healthy hair was due to the coastal climate and cultural traditions that place pure coconut oil as an important part of the health regimen.
Commercially, the use of coconut oil in shampoo showed wonderful results and it was soon a widely accepted additive or pure form of hair care products.
Shampoo Uses
Healthy Hair
With coconut oil's many food benefits, with its rejuvenating properties, which help with moisture retention and vitamin E intake, coconut oil in shampoo is one of the best things to aid in hair health.
The Fat Factor
Using soap-based detergents or shampoo leaves hair dry, rough, hard and bleached. That is why from time to time you can see that your comb does not go smoothly through the hair after shampooing with those chemicals. The coconut oil in the shampoo counteracts this effect. In coconut oil, which is a component of natural saturated fat, and keep hair soft and shiny.
Coconut oil adds a sweet, refreshing scent to shampoos as an added bonus.
How to make coconut oil shampoo?
• 1 cup of water
• A quarter cup of liquid castile soap
• a tablespoon of sage
• rosemary a tablespoon
• and a tablespoon of lemongrass
And in equal proportions, a tablespoon per oil:
• coconut oil
• jojoba oil
• sunflower oil
• Tea tree oil
Procedure for shampooing:
The water should be heated until it reaches a boil, then a strainer will be used to put the herbs inside, (sage, rosemary and lemon grass) This strainer should be put into the water so that the herbs can be infused for half hour or a little more. Then you must add the rest of the ingredients to the water and mix them very well.
Then let the water cool down and pour it into a jar or bottle where you will store your natural coconut oil shampoo. That's it, now you can apply it to your hair every time you need to wash it.
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