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Sure, you love products loaded with sugar, however, most of them only have bad effects on your health, a clear example is soda. To help you reduce your consumption, we recommend that you continue reading and discover our best tips to stop drinking soda.
The World Health Organization recommends, in order to have a healthy diet, consume only 5% sugar of the total calories you require per day. That would be 25 grams or 6 teaspoons of sugar per day. However, a single standard size soda can (330 ml) contains the equivalent of 36 g of sugar.
1. When you are thirsty, your first option is always to drink water, you will get used to it little by little.
2. Replace your sweet craving for fruity waters, you can choose different flavors and sweeten them with natural ingredients.
3. If gas is what you crave, try drinking mineral water as it has just 1% of the acids commonly found in soft drinks.
4. Reduce its consumption little by little. First stop taking it daily, then only on weekends and finally drink it only at meetings or parties.
5. Mark your progress. Keep a calendar and mark the days you don't drink soda. According to a study from the University of London, this helps to break the habit. Try it!
6. Isolate yourself from the source, move the soda, this will help you to be more aware of what you drink, if you normally have it in the first levels or in front of your cupboard, send it to the bottom.
7. Take the soda off your shopping list and keep it from being in your house.
8. Choose a healthier caffeinated drink, tea is an excellent choice, especially green tea.
9. When you consume soda, look for light or sugar-free options, as they have fewer negative effects.
10. Eat more fruit. Giving up soda can cause anxiety due to a lack of sugar. If this happens to you, eat fruit and satisfy your desire.
• The acid and sugar it contains can dissolve tooth enamel.
• It is related to the increase in cavities, which in turn affects the nerve and the root of the tooth.
• Phosphoric acid and sodium benzoate can cause kidney problems.
• Its large amount of sugar raises insulin levels.
• Taking it more than three times, a week has been shown to block calcium absorption.
• Researchers from Boston University found that people who drink a soda a day have a higher risk of having a cardiovascular accident.
• Increase the risk of obesity.
• The caffeine in soda gives you short bursts of energy, yet increases your need for more sugar.


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