The bikini operation begins and we have compiled a few tips on habits that help activate the metabolism in a healthy way.
Summer is going to arrive in 3,2,1 ... in no time try on your swimsuit and show off your palm, and we are all in a rush to erase from our silhouette the traces left on our body by the gastronomic feasts that we have stuck to during the winter.
Obviously each body is a world because not all of us respond the same, there are those who have very grateful and fast metabolisms that immediately burn everything and on the other hand, others, we have a much more economical metabolism than everything we put through our mouths, they keep it well guardedito Then comes the scare when we get on the scale or when we try on that short that was so ideal last year and at that moment, in full attack of pre-beach despair, one thinks “I stopped eating”. Error, stop eating, apart from putting one in a very bad mood, our metabolism does not feel but nothing good, on the contrary, it will try to adapt to the new situation and, in case the flies, it will still try to save more.
Eating habits that help us activate the metabolism
Don't worry, don't think that we are going to talk about eating only lettuce and grilled chicken, or that we are going to prescribe a diet, but we have compiled a series of tips on eating habits that really work to give our metabolism a boost.
Eat foods rich in omega-3s
We should not eliminate from the diet foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as oily fish, salmon, tuna, nuts such as hazelnuts, flax seeds or, at a minimum, eggs enriched with omega-3s.
Hydrate well
You have to hydrate properly, for example, drinking infusions such as green tea, which is a powerful antioxidant and, although scientific studies have not proven that it is the miraculous fat burner that they have tried to sell us on some occasions, there are studies that affirm which increases the oxidation time of fats and regulates insulin levels in the blood, which is beneficial so that they do not accumulate in the body.
Another good practice to activate the metabolism is to drink cold water, because our metabolism will have no choice but to get going and spend energy raising the temperature of the water, we drink to balance it with that of our body.
Eat 5 meals a day
Start the day with a good breakfast and eat at least 3 main meals and two snacks. It is much better to eat smaller amounts every 3 to 4 hours than to binge on one or two a day.
Eat the right amount of protein
Do not neglect the intake of lean proteins spread over all meals. To get an idea, our body needs approximately 1 g of pure protein per kg of ideal body weight. That is, if the ideal weight for our height is 70 kg, we will need to eat about 70 g of pure protein per day. Be careful, remember that food contains water to a greater or lesser extent, so we are not talking about eating only 70 g of meat or fish a day. A very good trick to know exactly the portion of protein food that we should eat in a meal without using a scale, is to serve a portion of meat or fish the size and thickness of the palm of our hand. Failing that, we can have a couple of eggs, or two yogurts, or whatever combinations we deem appropriate.
Avoid alcohol
Avoid alcoholic beverages and sugary sodas that only provide empty calories that are difficult to digest and that quickly turn into fat.
Coffee also helps to activate the metabolism
Consumed in moderation and, especially, if it is made during the first hours of the morning, coffee will also help us to activate the metabolism.
The spicy, do not miss
Capsaicin, the substance that gives the pungency to peppers, chili peppers, chili peppers and other is one of the most immediate metabolic activators known.
Avoid processed foods
It is important to avoid processed foods and, if you have to use them, opt for organically produced foods. The same for fresh fruits and vegetables, which whenever possible, we will try to be organic.
When people eat more calories than they use, their bodies store the extra calories as fat. A couple of pounds of extra body fat are not a health risk for most people. But when people keep up a pattern of eating more calories than they burn, more and more fat builds up in their bodies. Eventually, the body gets to a point where the amount of body fat can harm a person's health. Doctors use the terms "overweight" or "obese" to tell if someone has a greater chance of developing weight-related health problems.

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