The energy breakfast is important as you are giving your body the nutrients it requires after long hours of overnight fasting. You haven't eaten or drunk for 8 hours or more. Your body is in need of nutrients and it is vital that you provide it with adequate nutrients so that it functions at its best.
5 Tips for an Energetic and Powerful Breakfast
How you start your day has a huge impact on how it will unfold. For this reason, an energy breakfast is really the most important meal of the day. It is the fuel with which you propose to make your day exceptional. Here we offer you 5 tips to have an energetic and powerful breakfast for a day full of vitality.
Eat vegetables for breakfast
The Mediterranean diet is recommended for a large number of reasons. One of them is that it includes a large amount of vegetables in all meals of the day. There is simply no reason not to eat vegetables for breakfast. Why not start your day with a healthy dose of vitamins and fiber?
Less sugar in an exemplary energy breakfast
There is one thing that you should not include in your breakfast, which is sugar, especially refined white sugar. A lot of people eat high-sugar cereals in the morning or have coffee or tea with lots of sugar in their cup. You simply fill your body with useless calories that do very little for your health and thus also prepare your body to feel more hungry due to the blood sugar cannula it will experience.
After the night when you haven't had a drop, your body needs to be hydrated. Therefore, starting each breakfast with two large glasses of water is essential. Don't wait until after you eat, as you may be full and less inclined to drink. You need water, even if you don't feel thirsty.
Also water with lemon is highly recommended as this is a drink that prepares for better digestion and balances the pH, refreshes the breath and helps to quit the coffee habit, these are fundamental pillars of an energetic breakfast. Know the reasons why you should drink lemon water.
Also, drinking first thing in the morning will help you meet your minimum quota of 8 glasses of water, at least, each day.
Get a full serving of protein through energy breakfast
A good breakfast should include a serving of quality protein. This has a number of benefits: the protein helps you feel full so you will be less inclined to eat unhealthy snacks before lunch.
Additionally, protein is essential for building muscle tissue, which is largely responsible for your metabolism, so anyone who wants to lose weight will likely benefit from more protein at breakfast.
Some sources of protein for breakfast are nuts, eggs, chicken, peanuts, almonds (in all their presentations, it can be whole or in milk), spinach, broccoli, quinoa, oats. You can prepare in cereals or in smoothies by combining these foods with your fruits and vegetables. See this link for a delicious shake that includes protein:  Delicious and super nutritious smoothie with spinach.
Breakfast should be eaten calmly
Don't rush to eat breakfast or eat standing up or while watching TV. Take the time to really enjoy your meal and to calmly reflect on the day ahead. This is also a time to enjoy being home before you need to leave for work or get moving. Enjoy it!
Follow these 5 tips, and breakfast will be much more effective and enjoyable. Give it a try and you will see how your day improves as a result.
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