The almond milk is delicious and contains many beneficial properties for our health. It is essentially useful as a substitute for cow's milk for people who are intolerant to dairy products and can be taken in cereals, coffees, chocolates, baked goods, soups, etc.
Almond milk with oats
However, today we offer you a recipe for fortified almond milk because we will add one more ingredient that will make it even healthier, turning it into a delicious almond milk, it is thicker than if it were only almonds, it has more a creamy milk appearance because we will also add a healthy portion of oatmeal. You can take it accompanied with what you like, or if you prefer, alone. It is delicious and it is also very nutritious, since both oats and almonds are a great source of energy.
Properties of almond and oat slurry
Oatmeal, due to its fiber, helps improve intestinal transit and beta-glucans form a thin layer that protects the intestine. Linoleic acid and fiber prevent cholesterol from passing easily into the intestine. Thus, the body is more protected against arteriosclerosis, hypertension and heart attacks. During pregnancy, oats are of great help to the development of the fetus and, during lactation, it is very favorable for the production of breast milk, it also provides a large amount of vitamins and minerals to it. Oatmeal lowers blood sugar levels. This makes it effective in treating non-insulin diabetes.
Almonds are rich in protein, calcium, and vitamin E, making it a valuable antioxidant. Contains soluble fiber ideal to stimulate bowel movements and gives a feeling of fullness. The almond is also rich in protein (19 g / 100 g).
Iron, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese are other minerals that almonds provide us. Almonds help cardiovascular problems, as their oils act directly to help clean arteries.
How to prepare almond milk
• cups organic whole grain oats
• Water the necessary
• 33 peeled almonds
1. In a bowl add the oats, almonds and water until the top. Cover and reserve for 6 hours.
2. After that time, you eliminate the water, and you are going to blend for each cup of soaked oatmeal, 11 almonds with it.
3. If necessary, add more water to obtain the desired consistency.
4. Strain and serve, hot or cold.
5. Sweetening is optional, but it can be with honey or stevia.
6. Accompany it in smoothies, cereals, creams, chocolates, coffee, etc.
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