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  • Can I rub Epsom salt on my skin?


    The Epsom salts consist of forms of magnesium sulfate (magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen together) with up to seven bound water molecules. Epsom salts are named after a sour and salty spring located in Surrey, England, where the salt was dried by spring water…

  • What are the benefits of dry body brushing?


    Is dry brushing good for dry skin? Brushing on dry skin, an ancient practice Brushing dry skin is a simple beauty trick that takes only five minutes a day to do and is supportive of the health of your inner and outer inner body. This practice is part of…

  • How can I slim down my legs?


    Although beautiful legs can be a weakness for any man, that should be a goal primarily for women. All women's legs are beautiful, they all have their charm, but sometimes it may be time to give them a little care, especially if they are overweight. Losing…

  • Is pumpkin good for your face?


    Looking beautiful is not as expensive as they always say, with very little money you can improve your physical appearance thanks to products with beneficial properties for physical appearance that the beloved nature offers such as the use of pumpkin to…

  • How do you curl your hair with a mask?


    How do you make a homemade hair curly mask? Girls are totally changeable beings, who every day or every so often we want to have a more beautiful, original appearance and differentiate ourselves. Although you usually use commercial products to change…

  • Natural remedy to remove facial hair and soften the skin


    Although, it is natural to have fine hair on the face, excess hair and in addition to great thickness, can be quite annoying. There are various reasons why excessive facial hair exists, such as heredity, thyroid dysfunction, etc. In addition to hair…

  • Home remedies for damaged nails


    There are a number of home remedies that can help you combat brittle and brittle nails and in turn help you highlight your hands by taking care of the health of damaged nails. We know that it is important to maintain a healthy diet so that your nails can…