16 pipes forming machine uses combined rollers to complete production. The position of the idler is adjusted by the gasket and the motor to realize a set of idler suitable for different specifications of pipelines. The technological process of 16 pipe forming machine is: raw material (steel coil) 鈫?uncoiling 鈫?shear end welding 鈫?material accumulation 鈫?unpowered leveling 鈫?milling forming 鈫?high-frequency welding 鈫?external deburring of the weld 鈫?cooling 鈫?sizing 鈫?rough calibration Straight 鈫?cut to length 鈫?finished pipe 鈫?discharge table.
Product parameter锛?/strong>
Brand NameVello
Pipe shapeRound/Square/Rect
Useful lifetime40 years
Warranty1 year
Horizontal axis diameter锛坢m锛?/td>100
Vortical axis diameter锛坢m锛?/td>70
Tube diameter锛坢m锛?/td>桅219-桅325
Tube thichness(mm)3.0-6.0
Main motor pawer(kw)30x2
Tube making speed(m/min)0.4-1.0
Mechanical characteristics:
1. Lower production cost: it can save you 3-4% of materials;
2. It has a very precise corner radius control;
3. Frequent production changes without changing rolls, fast switching, and improved production efficiency;
4. Save investment in accessories: no need for different types of rolls, and no additional floor space to store rolls;
5. Ultra-high level of automation: reduce personnel costs.
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Foshan Vello Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production and export of welded pipe rolling mills, cold-rolling forming machines and slitting production lines, and supporting equipment. It has 30 CNC centers and 2 Auto CNC centers. The production line of stainless steel pipe making machine can be customized according to your need. Provide high-quality engineering and technical support, facilities, information, ideas and the best service anytime, anywhere.Steel Pipe Making Machine

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