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  • What does coconut water do to a baby?


    The refreshing water found inside coconuts has been enjoyed for centuries, but did you know that this excellent natural water has also been used as medicine? It turns out that coconut water can be beneficial for the expectant mother, and some of its many…

  • Why should you not eat artificial sweeteners?


    The use of artificial sweeteners has been on the rise for just a couple of decades, and along with it, many health-related problems. There has been endless debate about the benefits that sweetener can provide for reducing diets, but it also has its…

  • Do bodybuilders take estrogen?


    Did you know that there is a direct relationship between your hormones and burning fat in specific parts of the body? Your hormones control all aspects of weight loss including your metabolism, where you store your fat, your appetite, and even your…

  • Does cassava have a high glycemic index?


    Cassava, thanks to its medicinal properties and its nutritional value, helps improve digestion, give an energy boost, improve blood circulation, and above all because its starch is gluten-free, ideal for people with gluten intolerance. The cassava or…

  • When should I take prebiotics?


    Usually when we think of bacteria, we associate them with diseases and things that are harmful to our body. But the truth is that there are bacteria that are really beneficial to our health, among these are prebiotics. However, many people wonder what…

  • What stimulates metabolism mean?


    The bikini operation begins and we have compiled a few tips on habits that help activate the metabolism in a healthy way. Summer is going to arrive in 3,2,1 ... in no time try on your swimsuit and show off your palm, and we are all in a rush to erase from…

  • Do probiotics restore gut flora?


    The secret to improving your mood and brain health is in your gut, an unhealthy intestinal flora can impact your mental health, causing problems such as anxiety, depression, autism and more. Probiotics improve the intestinal flora and the brain Gut…

  • Should I eat something if I can't sleep?


    There is an easier way to fall asleep quickly and sleep through the night than to take a sleeping pill or drink a glass of wine, with these foods that can help you sleep better, you will have a good ally to take advantage of the hours of sleep. If you…

  • What does fiber do to muscles?


    The benefits of a fiber-rich diet are probably already known to many of our readers, but even so, population research shows that the consumption of foods rich in fiber is below the recommendation. What are fibers? Dietary fibers are the parts of food from…

  • Can yogurt cause health problems?


    We analyze if the fame of probiotic yogurts is justified and if they really provide benefits when it comes to improving defenses. In recent years, many companies have substantially increased their economic benefits through the creation of various "…